Kim, nackjoo
It’s a great honor for me to have this opportunity to welcome you to the College of Energy and Biotechnology of the Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

The College of Energy and Biotechnology has six departments - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Fine Chemistry, Optometry, and Sports Sciences. We provide education and perform research projects on applied sciences concentrating on real life and industrial application on the foundations of basic scientific knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology.

The College of Energy and Biotechnology also manages several research centers to provide excellent research and education, for example, Sports Science Research Center, Clean Technology Research Center, Nano-Bio Research Center, Bio-sensor Research Center, Functional Health Food Research Center and the Functional Food Nano Material Research Center

We integrated two departments, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Environmental Engineering, into the College of Energy and Biotechnology in the year of 2012 to encounter critical challenges from climate changes and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Studies and researches related with subjects including energy and environmental issue, high value added food development, health and wellbeing based on biotechnology in our college are the most important since the opening of our college. We do our best to help students to master essential knowledge and experience for important issues and upcoming challenges in globally interdependent society and induce them to participate in significant projects and researches inside and outside of the college.

We have over 45 outstanding professors who are remarkably leading in their own fields and are successfully conducting research projects. We also have about 20 dedicated staff members who can help professors and students to accomplish academic and research objectives.

I am sure that our college has capabilities and facilities to educate and nurture undergraduate and graduate students to be the best scientists and engineers in their own field.

Thank you very much for your interest in our college and I would greatly appreciate it if you could have time to visit us in the future.