Kim, nackjoo
Greetings from the College of Energy and Biotechnology!
Comprised of 6 departments (Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Food Science and Technology, Department of Fine Chemistry, Department of Optometry and Department of Sports Sciences), the College of Energy and Biotechnology provides education and performs research on applied sciences adhering to real life and the industrial sector based on an understanding of traditional scientific studies of physics, chemistry and biology.
Students learn how to apply practical basic sciences to actual problems and develop as outstanding scientific personnel equipped with solid scientific knowledge and field adaptability.
Leading a healthy and happy society
We welcome and thank you for your interest in Seoul National University of Science and Technology College of Energy and Biotechnology.
With approximately 1200 students, 40 faculty members and an organic network between 6 departments (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Fine Chemistry, Optometry and Sports Sciences), the College of Energy and Biotechnology aims to develop food and cosmetics technology, biotechnology, NT (new material/high precision technology) and ET (eco-friendly/new energy technology) based on natural/life sciences. We hope to foster optometric paramedics specialized in vision correction and experts in various sports and health management fields.
Pursuing good health and happiness of humanity
The College of Energy and Biotechnology conducts continuous research to enhance the quality of public life in pursuit of a healthier, happier society. With our advanced educational environment and system, we will do our best to create a brighter future.